About DOT Boxes

Each DOT Box is a complete set of 12-14 lesson schemes of work, complete with lesson plans, teaching resources (including pupil activities and worksheets as well as a Power Point presentation) and a supporting guide on the DOT principles.

What the DOT Box does for the Teacher

  • DOT resources equip pupils with problem spotting and problem solving skills.
  • DOT resources are mapped to the new GCSE and A-Level specifications for D&T and have strong cross curricular links.
  • DOT resources are well suited to address STEM learning.
  • Each scheme of work is delivered in a convenient DOT Box that covers 12-14 lessons.
  • DOT schemes of work have been developed by the Department of Engineering and the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge alongside industry professionals.
  • The DOT philosophy is backed up by academic research.

Current and Future DOT Boxes

DOT Boxes currently available are Unpacking Asthma, Inclusive Salt & Pepper and our recently launched 'Making Sense'.  Each box takes on a real-world problem and encourages students to work towards better solutions, while thinking in new ways.

A DOT box built around the capabilities of the micro:bit and incorporating Internet of Things into design is in development.

Continuous Professional Development

CPD is a key part of the DOT Box scheme.  Every box has a training course for the teachers who will be using it to guide students through their new learning.  Creating creators is a skill at which everyone can improve.